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Bringitback.com is committed to protecting your privacy, we recommend you read this page in full before signing up ensure you are aware of how we store and use your information.

How do you use my information?
Only basic information is required for you to register, we do require information such as email address (you need to confirm this to register), username and country however we recommend for the best experience you complete all the information fields in full. We will send our regular emails to registered users giving them updates on how the campaigns they have signed up to are progressing, these emails contain unsubscribe links which will prevent you from receiving further updates or you can update this preference in your profile.

When campaigns are deemed successful, we have the option of sending 'evidence' of a former product/service being popular to the original manufacturer in order to try and convince them to resume production and thus achieving the campaigns goal. In this information provided to the original manufacturer would be the details of all users which have signed up to that campaign, if you would not like your details to be provided please opt-out by updating the preferences in your member profile page.

When logging in if you select the 'remember' option this will place a cookie on your computer enabling bringitback.com to recognize your computer on subsequent visits, making future logins faster. All visits to the site are tracked for our statistical purposes using freely available website analytics software, this tracks visits by IP address amongst other features such as which operating system and browser you are using.