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Whats the deal?

Bringitback.com is a community project dedicated to bringing back all the great things we used to love, but are no longer around. The concept is based on the fact that if a particular campaign is able to gain significant interest, we can then present the support to the creators and with a bit of elbow grease convince them to bring it back... it's people power in action!

How do I get started?

Click here to go How it Works

I have seen a campaign that is offensive / inappropriate!

Any campaigns violating our guidelines should be reported using the 'report campaign' button, this will wake up one of our editors with an electric shock who will check it out and make sure all is good in bringitback.com land.

How does the points system work?

The points you see after everyone usernames are earned reputation points. Campaign creators automatically get 1 point for each user adding their signature and points are also assigned depending on ratings other users give your comments, simple as that!

I've created my campaign but forgot something, why can't I edit it?

Once a campaign is created you can edit it, but only whilst nobody has joined it. After anyone other than yourself has joined it the main content of the campaign is locked to prevent misuse. Exemptions can be made in some circumstances, if you think this may apply to you please use our contact form and be sure to include your campaign url in the message.