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Bring Back ... Lincoln Biscuits

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people want Lincoln Biscuits back
Lincoln Biscuits are just about the nicest biscuit ever created, with tea, coffee or just on their own. They were made by McVities until 2007 when disaster struck and they were removed from production.

Jacob's, also part of United Biscuits, make one but these are only available in Ireland and cost a fortune if you wanted them delivered.

We need either the original shortbread biscuits being produced back here by McVities or for Jacob's to start selling here in the UK.

Let's see if we can't get these little beauties back on the tea trolley to be enjoyed for current and future generations.

campaigner added this at 9:40 on 10/04/14
In order to stand a chance of getting these little slices of sugary bliss back we need more signatures. If you are great at social media then share this with all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Google+ infact any and all and let's get so many signatures that McVities have to listen to our plea.

campaigner added this at 16:17 on 12/04/16
Today (12-04-2016) I discovered Avon Vale Foods in Slough do sell Lincoln Biscuits (www.avonvalefoods.com) they are based in Slough. They cost 79p per packet plus a delivery charge of 5 if the order is under 20 or free if it is over 20 this may be different depending where you live. If you live near Slough you can buy them direct and go and pick them up from them. I hope this helps all other Lincoln biscuit lovers :).

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UKtiddler60 6 years ago.
Disappointed to find that I can only get Lincoln biscuits if I pay an extortionate price on ebay or by going to Eire to get some. Bring them back to shops in England!!! Please!!!
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UKrosie10clyde 6 years ago.
have been searching for ages in every store home and away sooo fed up to learn they have been discontinued
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UKDianec 6 years ago.
They are the nicest biscuits ever.
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UKAshelbySl 7 years ago.
I need these for a special recipe
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