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Bring Back ... Right 2 Turn Left

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person wants Right 2 Turn Left back
All of a sudden, the neighborhood discovers a NO LEFT TURN SIGN newly installed. 6 blocks of homes will be inconvenienced by this but more importantly, the traffic that cuts through from Jerusalem to Rt. 107 [Hicksville Rd] normally makes the left from Alken onto Rt. 107 but will now cut through our small streets where our children play baseball, basketball and all the other games children play in our little traveled roads. The problem that brought these signs to be installed, arose from those cars that fail to abide by the NO TURN ON RED coming off the Southern State Pkwy. These cars cause accidents but the consultant(s) who analyzed what occurs on Rt. 107 where SS Pkwy crosses it, failed to take into account the ball-field that hosts many ball games, bringing traffic down Alken to Rt. 107. Now those cars will be diverted to cut through the neighborhood causing a serious increase in traffic where children are playing in the streets. If any sign should have been installed it should have been: DO NOT BLOCK SIDE ROAD. That is the street which is now not allowed to make lefts and no lefts are allowed to enter the street. This action has infuriated the neighbors!

2taxed added this at 5:37 on 25/09/09
Please send to those who are affected by this. Also, contact Frank Pearson, supv NYSDOT, 631-952-6020 to make complaint about the placement of this NO LEFT TURN SIGN, one coming out of Alken Ave and the other on Rt 107 not allowing left onto Alken Ave

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