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Bring Back ... Hooch alcopops

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people want Hooch alcopops back
Hooper's Hooch (often simply referred to as Hooch) is an alcopop that was most popular during the mid-1990s. The name Hoopers refers to William Hooper, inventor of the hot water bottle and manufacturer of lemonade in the 1840s whose trademark was owned by Burton-on-Trent-based brewer Bass.[1] Launched in Britain in 1995 by Bass as an alcoholic lemonade, it was initially very popular leading to the development of orange- and blackcurrant-flavoured versions.[1][2]

At its peak 2.5 million bottles of Hooper's Hooch were sold each week in Britain, and it was the market leader for alcopops with up to 70% of the market.[3][4][5] However, alcopops became less popular, and the drink was discontinued in the UK in 2003.[3] The drink is still sold in the US by United States Beverage in Hard Lemonade, Hard Orange, Hard Berry and ICE (citrus) flavours.

Hooper's Hooch is mostly notable for being the first alcopop. Its success began an industry-wide trend of incorporating lighter, less calorific drinks with alcohol equal to the amount found in a standard beer or glass of wine. As a result products such as Bacardi Breezer and Mike's Hard Lemonade are standard drinks in most pubs and bars today.

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UKjeater23 1 decade ago.
Hooch has come back but only 1 flavour lemon. So I would like all the other original flavours to come back along with all the original fruit cartoon faces that were on the bottles. This made the drink unique and stylish.
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user imagebubble point
UKhelenbarret 1 decade ago.
I loved Hooch. Bloody stupid underage drinkers ruin it for everyone.
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user imagebubble point
UKmerrywidow 1 decade ago.
me and my husband really enjoyed this drink. please please bring it back. there is nothing out there like it.
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user imagebubble point
UKbecky22 1 decade ago.
hooch used to be my favorite alcholic drink PLEASE bring it back, I was gutted when I could no longer buy it.
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user imagebubble point
UKtinkerbell09 1 decade ago.
haaaa many happy times drinking this when i was 13 onwards haa so nice
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