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Bring Back ... Apple Pie and Custard Drifters

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people want Apple Pie and Custard Drifters back
At uni in 1996 (OMG so long ago) there were Apple Pie and Custard Drifters in the vending machines. I must have spent my whole student loan on them.

Last year I contacted Nestle to see if they had plans to re-release them and received the following shock:

'We have never produced Apple Pie and Custard Drifters'

WTF Nestle are lying... we must confront them.

Bring back AP&C, Bring back AP&C, Bring back AP&C

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UKWiseHorse 3 years ago.
These things didnt exist, they were invented by the brain of a colleague of mine. We'll call him 'Pony' for now. He's dedicated his life to convincing people they were a thing for his own sick pleasure. Dont be fooled
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UKVicnash88 6 years ago.
My partner said no other chocolate bar could touch these. He told me him & his dad were practically addicted & used to buy boxes when they could as they were so nice & actually tasted like apple pie and custard! After researching them I can see a lot of people loved them & want them back but nestle deny all knowledge!!!!! Why is this? What did they contain? Was it some illegal, health damaging or highly addictive ingredient??? They might not have sold as well as expected but that wouldn't be reason to deny existence, he said if they were re-released he probably wouldn't touch another chocolate bar again! Also, I would like to try one :)
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UKSTEVETHERED 6 years ago.
i worked for nestle in the 90s and was lucky enough to have them months before they went on sale, with line trials to get the bar right etc and had them long after they had been taken off supermarket shelves
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UKSpimna 7 years ago.
I have contacted the head office in switzerland and they said that due to poor sales of the product when released it was pulled off the shelves. Unfortunately there is no plan to re - release in the future. But my request will be apparently passed on to the production dept.
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