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Bring Back ... Genuine fatties

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people want Genuine fatties back
Gluttony is a sin, and we're all guilty...
We need to forget these rubbish diets and STOP GOING ON ABOUT THE "FAT GENE"....if you relate to the following, you dont have the fat gene!

Have you gone to your nearest shop, spent 10 (or more) on food (mainly junk, sometimes random i.e. naan bread), stayed in, watched trash TV (mainly programmes about obesity, so you feel less guilty tucking into your third pie) and had a great time?

Ever eaten a packet of biscuits and felt no shame?

When your eyes prove to be bigger than your belly, it is indeed a sad moment.

You live by the quote "dont chew gum, chew bacon"

Do you relate to any of the above? Then yes my friend, you are a Genuine Fatty, Sign this campaign, and say:

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xxkaffxx smiffy Yummymummy


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UKxxkaffxx 1 decade ago.
My life consists of eating whole packs of biscuits in front of the tv, no guilt here!!
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