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Bring Back ... Happy Jack’s Lanoglo Dog Shampoo

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person wants Happy Jack’s Lanoglo Dog Shampoo back
Since 1946, Happy Jack has manufactured high quality, effective animal health products for dogs, cats and horses. Happy Jack has developed strong brand recognition and consumer loyalty within America’s kennel owners, breeders, outdoor sportsmen, and farmers.

Happy Jack products are approved and regulated by the FDA, EPA and state Departments of Agriculture and sold over-the-counter.

I am starting this campain in hopes that Happy Jack will bring back a favorite product their Lanoglo dog shampoo. This product was the simply best dog shampoo ever. The scent stayed with your dog even on the wettest of days (a world without wet dog smell was at one time attainable). Better yet the Lanoglo actually brought a glow to my golden retrievers' coats that was unreal. It left them soft, glossy, and smelling beautiful.
Please help me bring Lan-a-glo back.

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