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Bring Back ... playdays

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people want playdays back
The brilliant childrens tv show.
The show would begin with a title sequence of the Playbus driving along to the theme tune until it reached the bus stop, where characters on the bus were Why, Peggy, Dot, Poppy, Humphry, Lizzie and Mr. Jolly. The bus stopped at a different place each day:The Why Bird Stop, The Playground Stop, The Roundabout Stop, The Patch Stop and The Poppy Stop. Each programme would end with a song (usually a nursery rhyme) on a magical roundabout named Rosie. NEED LOTS OF VOTES PLEASE :)

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UKjeater23 7 years ago.
I used to watch this as a child. All I see these days for kids is stuff on tv that teaches you nothing. So this is one of many things that needs to come back
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