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Bring Back ... Tamagotchis

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people want Tamagotchis back
The Tamagotchi is a handheld digital pet that was created in 1996 by Aki Maita and sold by Bandai. Simple but fun...and annoyingly addictive! I remeber queing outside the shops at silly-o-clock in the morning when they were first released just to be one of the lucky kids to have one. Okay so it got confiscated within about a day of taking it to school along with everyone elses but once we got them back and learned how to mute the little guys they were hidden in pencil cases, folders, books and pockets across the world!

So lets get the orignal Tamagotchis back by joining this campaign and have some good simple fun for the next batch of children to annoy school teachers with.

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UKYummymummy177 points 1 decade ago.
i think i may still have one of these lying around lol
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